We are here to change the communications scene!

We are a tribe of savants that push brands to discover their true potential by challenging the norm. Kenshō is a versatile agency mastering the art of marketing and communications as we are built for “Glocal” exchange.

Our focus is crafting solutions, that delivers results. Our distinctive philosophy is to listen to your needs, find insights, develop a strategy, and together we mould globally inspiring campaigns.

– Your mindful communications studio



It takes more than words; True understanding is what moves the world.

We have always been about words. For years we have helped people and businesses translate their stories to different languages. As we were forging ahead, we experienced an awakening, and saw our true nature. We realized a greater purpose in going beyond words. Creating mindful communications became our goal. No better name could have embodied it than Kenshō (見性), a Japanese term meaning “seeing one’s true nature”.