Delta Rental Cars – Redefining Brand Identity for Success

Delta Rental Cars – Redefining Brand Identity for Success

Project Overview:

Delta Rental Cars, a prominent car rental service provider in Limassol and Cyprus, approached us to revamp their brand identity. They sought a fresh and modern look that would elevate their company’s image. The scope of the project involved redesigning their business cards, creating an impressive email signature, and giving their logo a contemporary makeover.



Outdated Branding: Delta Rental Cars’ existing branding lacked visual appeal and failed to reflect the company’s professionalism and quality service.

Brand Cohesion: The client wanted cohesive designs across different marketing collaterals to ensure a consistent brand image.

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Our Approach:

Extensive Research: We conducted in-depth research on the car rental industry, competitors, and current design trends to gain valuable insights.

Collaborative Ideation: We collaborated closely with the client to understand their brand values, target audience, and design preferences. Their feedback guided us throughout the creative process.

Conceptualization and Design: Armed with the insights and client input, our expert design team crafted multiple design concepts for the business cards, email signature, and logo.

Iterative Refinement: We refined the design concepts based on client feedback, ensuring that the final designs align perfectly with their vision and objectives.

Seamless Execution: Once the designs were approved, we seamlessly executed the production and delivery of the final assets.



Redesigned Business Cards: Our team created visually striking business card designs that exuded professionalism, showcasing Delta Rental Cars as a reputable car rental service provider.

Impressive Email Signature: We designed an email signature that aligned with the brand’s new look, leaving a lasting impression on recipients while maintaining consistency across digital communications.

Modernized Logo: The logo redesign captured the essence of the company’s services and conveyed a sense of reliability, helping Delta Rental Cars stand out in a competitive market.

Conclusion: Through our collaborative approach, research-driven design process, and attention to detail, we successfully transformed Delta Rental Cars’ brand identity. The redesigned business cards, email signature, and logo now reflect their professionalism and commitment to exceptional service. The aesthetically pleasing designs have positioned Delta Rental Cars for increased brand recognition and success in the car rental industry.

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